This month, a Forbes magazine article titled "How Revolutions In Finance And Education Are Transforming Virginia's Purpose Economy" highlighted Charlottesville's social-driven entrepreneurship and innovation.


"Virginia’s economy is built on a commitment to match real need with real opportunity. It is a collaborative ecosystem driving social innovation forward on three fronts: advancing social entrepreneurship and impact investing, advancing social impact bonds, and advancing social innovation education. These are the cornerstones not of a tech or shareholder economy, but a purpose economy."

"A major standard bearer of the diversity of this growing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers is the Tom Tom Festival , an annual week long festival of music, arts, and innovation in the city of Charlottesville that culminates with its Founders Summit, where the nation’s innovators share their founding stories and the insights that brought them success. Students too, are mobilizing, launching a volunteer based co-learning space filled with both hustle and hammocks, called HackCville."

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