Tech Tour

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Tech Tour Feedback

“While on the Tech Tour, you will not just follow a traditional tour path. These businesses will show you their employees working and even present one-of-a-kind demonstrations for Tech Tour participants. When you walk through the doors of one of the businesses, you are treated not just as a tourist, but as a friend of the company.”


"Participating in the CBIC Tech Tour has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had in high school. Charlottesville appears to be a small city, but it is full of businesses using and developing new forms of technology. Taking part in the CBIC Tech Tour has given me opportunity to witness the future of technology and business in my local community, a future that I will soon become a part of.”


Tech Tour Sponsors

  • Lexis Nexis
  • Neoventus
  • Virga Ventures
  •  Blue Ridge Bank
  • BrightSpec
  • Afton Scientific
  • Woods Rogers
  • CoshXLabs
  •  City of Charlottesville
  • WillowTree
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • National Optronics