CBIC Awards Gala

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Submission deadline Extended: March 6, 2020


You know CBIC isn't going to throw an ordinary celebration. Innovation needs connection! Energy! It needs YOU!

We understand the power of connecting. We want to reach across our community and connect like never before. This year's Gala (since, sadly, we can't all be under one roof together) will be a unique and energetic mix, with the same fun entertainment factor you've come to expect from the CBIC Awards Gala.

We can't share everything just yet, but we're cooking up something pretty darn cool.

Libations? Yes! Celebrations would not be complete without a grand toast to our incredible community. 

Oh, and food. Of course, food! "The Gala is Delicious!"  Yes, we love to offer you great food, and this year will be no exception.

So, if you're feeling zoomed out, SAVE THE DATE for this year's CBIC Awards Gala to reconnect, reinvigorate, and celebrate Cville's incredible innovation community.

CBIC Awards Finalists

Business of the Year


Recognizes one tech or tech-centric business or organization that serves as a model of achievement to which others can aspire, including such indicators as financial success, growth, healthy work environment, commitment to innovation, and contribution to the community.

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Educator of the Year

Recognizes one K-12 educator who has set an example of incorporating the principles of innovation, entrepreneurship, invention, and/or technological achievement in a classroom setting.

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Entrepreneur of the Year

Recognizes one individual who currently embodies all the elements of successful tech-centric entrepreneurship, including innovation, employment, leadership, finance, determination, and persistence.

Innovator of the Year

Recognizes an individual or organization for their creativity and resourcefulness in the development of a new product, service or product candidate, and can also include the means by which their innovation will reach its end user.

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Job Creator of the Year

Recognizes one technology or tech-centric business for its noteworthy achievement of generating secure well paying, primarily tech jobs and retaining highly skilled workers that enhances our ecosystem and benefits the local economy.

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The CBIC Partnership of the Year Award recognizes new partnership built in the last 18 months that model collaborative innovation and achievement which inspires others, and resulted as well in successful outcomes for the partnership itself, local businesses, education, non-profits, and/or the community at large. Preference will be given to partnerships that transcend each member’s
respective purview.

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Social Good Award

CBIC recognizes one entrepreneurial effort that is focused on social good. While they might not have the financial success of other startups, their goal is improvement of the common good more so than private gain. Some classic examples of social goods are clean air, clean water and literacy, and can include access to services such as healthcare. Further, candidates for this award may include startup organizations enhancing our region's ecosystem for the common good. For the purpose of this award, a startup is defined as a breakout company that has been operational for 3 years or less, and preference will be given to those candidates that are tech and tech-centric businesses.

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Startup of the Year

CBIC recognizes an innovation-centric business whose principals exhibit passion, devotion, and innovation. Has also demonstrated significant progress over the recent years or has made an impact as determined by jobs created, revenue generated, or other metrics. For the purpose of this award, a startup is defined as a breakout company that has been operational for 5 years or less and/or is still primarily pre-revenue.

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Student Entrepreneur of the Year

CBIC recognizes one student entrepreneur – or a team of student entrepreneurs – who have successfully created or advanced the development of a new product, service or product candidate, providing an example to other students to pursue entrepreneurship while at school.

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Volunteer of the Year

Recognizes one CBIC volunteer who has gone above and beyond the average to make substantial and lasting contributions to the cause of advancing the organization, which is recognizing and rewarding the innovative entrepreneurs in our community.

To keep this award winner a secret from our expert cadre of volunteers, nominations are not published publicly. 

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CBIC Annual Grants & Scholarships

Student Entrepreneur Innovation Grant

The CBIC Student Entrepreneur of the Year recipient receives the CBIC Student Innovation Grant award of $1,000 to further their innovation-based business.

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Tech Tour Scholarships

CBIC’s Tech Tour Scholarships recipients will each receive $2,500 scholarships. Scholarships are awarded each year to two area high school students who plan to pursue education beyond high school in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM).

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Technology in Education Grant

The CBIC Educator of the Year recipient receives a Technology in Education Grant award of $2,500 to be used on a technology investment of their choice for their classroom or students.

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2019 CBIC AWARDS Highlights

The CBIC Awards honor Central Virginia's most innovative organizations, startups and individuals and highlight technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial excellence. Relive all of the suspense, gratitude, and fun from the 21st Annual CBIC Awards Gala, held back in May 2019 at the beautiful Paramount Theater in downtown Charlottesville. 


CBIC Executive Director Tracey Greene, co-chair of the gala, explains the importance of the CBIC Awards to central Virginia, “For more than 20 years now, CBIC has celebrated, education, and advocated for our region’s businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. Charlottesville is now known for being a leader in the Commonwealth and beyond for business innovation, angel and venture capital investment, and high-wage job creation. CBIC members, sponsors and partners work year-round to nurture an atmosphere of innovation celebrated by the CBIC Awards and now a brand for our region and to ensure Charlottesville remains a leader in tech, innovation and startups.” 


Innovators Row

The CBIC Awards Gala showcases Central Virginia entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations that contribute significantly to the region's innovation ecosystem. Innovators Row is a popular element of the Gala that connects established tech community leaders and enthusiasts with local disruptors. This year, we are offering an opportunity for 12 tech-centric and innovation-based entrepreneurs and companies to exhibit free of charge. But, hurry! The application deadline is Friday, August 14th.

Applications for Innovators Row Due Friday, April 17, 2020

  • Innovators Row participation will be free of cost to the 12 organizations who are selected.
  • Our virtual event platform will allow our roughly 400 anticipated attendees to move among our Innovators Row participants in a true-to-life digitally enabled networking experience.
  • You will be able to setup a virtual showcase on Innovators Row in the form of a private “table” reflecting your organization's name and the ability to pre-load materials onto the platform.
  • You will have a digital whiteboard onto which you can load text, photos, and even a video presentation.
  • We will offer tech support to guide you through the table setup process.
  • The application deadline is Friday, August 14th.
  • Selected organizations will be notified and announced by August 24th and promoted at the Gala and via CBIC’s media channels.






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