CBIC For the Founders


FtF is a deep dive into the founder's journey and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business alongside peers facing the same challenges. Check out all 5 sessions below to hear experienced subject matter experts and seasoned founders cover everything from:

  • Organizing your startup to securing banking relationships that add value

  • Protecting your ideas to pivoting your vision and persevering 

  • Developing a business plan to scaling your startup for high growth 



Session 1: Idea to Inc. – But How Will You Make Money? 


Learn how to deploy the business model canvas framework -- a strategic tool for startups -- to map out your infrastructure, offering, customers, and revenue. 


Featuring David Touve of Catalyst.


Session 2: Start Me Up Right – Legal and Tax Tutorial for Founders


Learn crucial legal and tax tips from experienced startup advisors. Learn how early-stage decisions impact your company’s future growth and after-tax return to investors. Financial experts will teach you how you can avoid common pitfalls by establishing a banking relationship at the outset of a startup’s creation.


Featuring Steeve Keeler and Clare Lewis of McGuireWoods, Darden Bell of Keiter, and Joe Raichel and Carolyn Burnett of Wells Fargo. 



Session 3: Initial Venture Runway and Capital Needs 


Understand how successful companies leverage solid financial accounting and reporting toward attracting early seed investors. Learn standard “VC” terminology, “seed” offering types and terms, investor pitch decks, and traps to avoid when dividing the equity pie among the management team and angel investors.


Featuring Ben Shealy and Chip Bowman of Fahrenheit Advisors, Steve Keeler of McGuireWoods, and Matt Austin of Keiter 



Session 4: Surviving and Thriving in the Mid-Game  


Learn about opportunities and resources available to the maturing startup.   Discover new financing options, best practice financial management fundamentals, technology tools to scale your operations, as well as common pit-falls to avoid as you work to thrive in the mid-game.

Then, tune in for Session 4 Bonus Content for this 101 primer on the definitions, distinctions, and expectations of early stage financing options. We will cover friends and family, angel investment, family office, grants, and other non-dilutive financing. 


Featuring Rebecca Haydock of the Charlottesville Small Business Development Center, Matt Godwin of Wells Fargo, Steve Keeler of McGuireWoods, Scott Zickefoose of Keiter and Paul Covill of Wells Fargo.



Session 5: Venture to Vest: Planning for Investor Exits 


Explore both sides of an exit with a dynamic, real-world example. Topics: 

  • key financial and life planning considerations for the founder, 
  • succession planning, 
  • details of the sale/exit process.

Featuring  Scott Zickefoose of Keiter, Clare Lewis and Steve Keeler of McGuireWoods, and Tracey Gillespie of Wells Fargo. 


Session 6: Summary

Content coming soon!



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