Following the success of CBIC’s Tech Night Takeover series, we are excited to announce our new educational offering in 2020
Each of the six (6) carefully curated FtF sessions will focus on unique aspects of founding a tech or innovation-based startup.

What is FtF All About?

Learn and network with other like-minded founders while you hear experienced subject matter experts and seasoned founders cover everything from:

  • Setting up your startup to developing an investor-focused business plan
  • Soliciting Seed and Series A funding to securing banking relationships of value
  • Protecting your ideas, pivoting your vision, and persevering to keep momentum
  • Preparing for and making a smooth exit for you and your investors 

Please note: While most seats in the series will be filled by the cohort of founders, co-founders, and future founders, qualified individuals may purchase tickets to individual events. The series will kick off with its first session in March and will go through December.

How is FtF Different?

Many local incubators and accelerators provide access to experts and plenty of resources; however, they don’t cover this type of uniquely structured education. The FtF program will not replace your incubator or accelerator, but it will give you the foundational knowledge you need to shortcut your startup operations.