Are you a startup, established tech company, or business looking for highly qualified knowledge workers to grow your team? Have you recently been laid off,  want to make a career move, or switch industries altogether? 

Currently, there are a number of disparate job searching and posting outlets hosted by various groups (we see you Cville Slack #Jobs and EmbarkCVA!). However, each has its challenges. Among them, Slack messages drop off after 10K messages so job postings disappear quickly, and not everyone uses or cares to use Slack. Some job listings are only emailed to subscribers once per month or tweeted out. 

Hm...where did I see that job posting?

For decades we’ve heard the cry for one consolidated place to post and to search for all higher wage job opportunities -- one source of truth -- in Charlottesville and within Region 9. 

Meet The Hub CVA, built specifically to facilitate those crucial connections. 

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Your digital concierge to the region's startup, tech, and biz community

Are you an entrepreneur in search of a co-founder, seeking funding for your business, a startup in search of talent, or a high-growth venture in search of new markets? 

Meet The Hub CVA, built specifically to facilitate those crucial connections. The Hub is Central Virginia’s connector platform for entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses - a free digital concierge for Region 9’s startup, tech, and business community. The Hub’s mission is to cut through the fragmentation of resources and communication and the barriers of walled sites, and to fill data gaps to help its users find the people and things that matter most to them.

The germination of this online community started long before CBIC received its grant of $76.5K from Go Virginia in January 2021 to develop its vision of The Hub. The pandemic only underscored that the need for a remote way to quickly connect individuals to the resources, organizations, and people they needed most was not an option, but a necessity. 

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The 17th annual CBIC Tech Tour ditched the buses for Zoom during the week of May 10! Driven by pandemic havoc and the heed from area educators for a virtual variety, we’re glad we did.

Upwards of 100 middle and high school students and their 19 K-12 teachers attended 34 tech tours, hosted by 14 organizations, all coordinated by CBIC. While this represents only about a third to a quarter of the size of previous year’s, it was nevertheless profoundly impactful.

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For the last 16 years, the CBIC Tech Tour has provided an opportunity for middle and high school students in the Charlottesville area to learn about innovation and careers in dynamic high tech companies. The tour is designed to help students envision themselves as technology employees, professionals, and entrepreneurs bringing the next wave of tech innovation to our area.

The 2019 Tech Tour drew students from two dozen schools visiting over 50 companies offering hands-on “tours” of their operations and the opportunity to experience their technology.

For 2021, the CBIC Tech Tour is going virtual! 

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Dear Friends,

How has your life changed over the last year? How about your family, your business, your community? This month, we’re marking one year of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The past twelve months have been filled with ups and downs, uncertainties and victories. We are so blessed that with all of your support, we are a stronger company to serve the businesses and organizations we are humbled to call clients. We know that our relationships are a big reason for our success over the last year, and we know we’re not alone in that sentiment.

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Code for Cville is a local chapter of Code for America, which brings together volunteers with tech, data, design, research, and community-building skills to work on projects to benefit area nonprofits and local government. The group held it’s 2021 kickoff event via Zoom on Monday, Feb 22, 2021 with nearly 90 attendees!  

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This work begins by understanding and addressing the different levels at which racism operates and how white supremacy impacts organizational culture. (To receive further resources and news on related trainings, add your name to our waitlist for Frameworks For Addressing Organizational Inequity.)

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If the Pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the survival of our families and businesses relies on the quality of both our connection and interconnection. The importance of our interconnection was laid bare this past year when it became threatened; like a river that changes course due to changes in the makeup of the rock surrounding it, when our local business ecosystem found itself cut off from its normally vibrant and interpersonal backdrop, it found another path, another way to be survive through a reorganization involving Zoom; live music directly from artists as well as from the Front Porch and IX Art Park; online networking events and annual banquets; and a patchwork of take out, delivery, and pop-up, outdoor dining rooms from most of our favorite restaurants and bars. All the elements of the ecosystem adapted in concert as best they could.

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Streetlights have a profound impact on the vitality of a city. Good street lighting increases economic activity, reduces crime, and prevents auto accidents, and the streetlight network is one of the most large-scale and expensive components of a city’s public infrastructure.

That raises an important question: how should the city make decisions about how to replace and expand the streetlight network? And what criteria should be used to make these decisions? The lights use a significant amount of energy, so lights can be replaced with energy-efficient bulbs to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The network can be expanded to bring more light to underserved neighborhoods. Light population can be taken into account. And decisions can be made to reduce the cost to city in the short and longterm.

All the data that the city needs to weigh these factors and make good decisions exist, but are currently stored in different places and with different formats. Because the data haven’t been brought together in one unified analytic platform, the city usually allows the energy company to make replacements to the streetlights on their own schedule. With the help of a team of volunteer tech and data specialists, however, that will change soon.

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Joining the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) as a member is a great way to connect with your community and gain access to unique members-only benefits. The group is composed of organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals and students. Our member base consists of leading tech companies, both small and large, in the greater Charlottesville area, non-profit organizations focused on technology and entrepreneurship, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and contract organizations that support their success, who are always on the lookout for creative solutions to today’s challenges. 

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Virtual Gala Celebrates Tech in Education, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

(Charlottesville, VA) … For the first time in its 22-year history, the CBIC Awards gala was held not in a ballroom or theater, but in the new gathering realm that is the Internet. This Thursday evening, September 10, Central Virginia's leading innovators clinked glasses from respective remote viewing locations -- from as far away as Martha’s Vineyard and San Diego -- to honor recipients of the 2020 CBIC Awards. 

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