Calling all …Innovators. Educators. Entrepreneurs. Job Creators. Social Good Promoters. World Changers. You know who you are, and we want to know as well! 

We’re now accepting nominations for the 2021 CBIC Awards across a range of categories, which for nearly 25 years have recognized entrepreneurs and tech leaders within our business and education community. Think your team is doing great work? Nominate your business! Know someone who is a strong leader? Nominate them! 

Who do you think is doing some of the most innovative work headquartered right here in our own ecosystem? Use this form to submit your nominations, by Midnight, Friday, July 23.

With so many categories, you are certain to know many worthy candidates to nominate! Complete the form today! We look forward to learning about all of the great candidates!

  • CBIC BUSINESS OF THE YEAR. Recognizes one tech or tech-centric business or organization that serves as a model of achievement to which others can aspire, including such indicators as financial success, growth, healthy work environment, commitment to innovation, and contribution to the community.​, which can include attracting positive attention to the Charlottesville region.
  • CBIC EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR. Recognizes one K-12 educator who has set an example of incorporating the principles of innovation, entrepreneurship, invention, and/or technological achievement in a classroom setting.
  • CBIC ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR. Recognizes one individual who currently embodies all the elements of successful tech-centric entrepreneurship, including innovation, employment, leadership, finance, determination, and persistence.
  • CBIC INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR. Recognizes an individual or organization for their creativity and resourcefulness in the development of a new product, service or product candidate. Can also include the means by which their innovation will reach its end user.
  • CBIC EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR. [Formerly named Top Jobs Creator] Recognizes one tech or tech-centric business that creates an environment that attracts, develops, and retains highly skilled talent in a way that enhances our ecosystem and local economy.  Consider factors such as internships, mentoring, upward mobility, vertical movement, and equity mindedness. 
  • CBIC PARTNERSHIP OF THE YEAR. Recognizes new partnerships built in the last 18 months that model collaborative innovation and achievement which inspires others, and resulted as well in successful outcomes for the partnership itself, local businesses, education, non-profits, and/or the community at large. Preference will be given to partnerships that transcend each member’s respective purview.
  • CBIC SOCIAL GOOD AWARD. Recognizes one company or organization with efforts focused on social good. Their goal, in part, is to identify needs, improve our communities, and provide a meaningful benefit to the general public. Examples of social goods are clean air, education, clean water, racial equality, and access to housing and healthcare. This award celebrates the positive impact that startups and businesses have on the greater Charlottesville community. Preference will be given to candidates that are tech and tech-centric businesses.
  • CBIC STARTUP OF THE YEAR. Recognizes an innovation-centric company or project that seeks to develop and validate a scalable economic model that aims to grow large beyond its small entrepreneurial-centric beginnings. Preference will be given to those that have experienced the classic startup path such as a lean beginning, development of an MVP, and early market validation and whose principals exhibit passion, devotion, and innovation. Candidates will have demonstrated significant progress over recent years and / or made an impact as determined by jobs created, revenue generated, or other startup success metrics.
  • CBIC STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR. Recognizes one student entrepreneur, or a team of student entrepreneurs, who have successfully created or advanced the development of an idea, new product, service or product candidate. This entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs provide an example to other students to pursue entrepreneurship while at school. Candidates are students in a K12 school, college, or university.
  • CBIC VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR. Recognizes CBIC volunteers who have gone above and beyond the average to make substantial and lasting contributions to the cause of advancing the organization, which is recognizing and rewarding the innovative entrepreneurs and companies in our community.

Let's get those nomination ideas flowing! 

Oh, and because we’re so excited to be back in person, this year, we’re hosting three celebratory events to honor our all-star finalist line-up:

  • Starting with CBIC’s Inaugural Tee Off the Gala Golf Tournament, on Monday, Sept 13 at Glenmore Country Club
  • Then we will reveal our much anticipated award recipients at the 2021 CBIC Awards Gala, hosted this year at the spacious Castle Hill Cider on Thursday, September 16
  • Finally, we will round out the week at the Gala Wrap Party on Friday, September 17, at a secret downtown location. Stay tuned to find out where this inaugural event will take place and what festivities we have in store for attendees!

Registrations will open soon. Sponsorship opportunities are plentiful (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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