Innovation is today where quality management was 25 or 50 years ago. It may be confined to a small group of people in the organization, and their great ideas and useful knowledge may not be well publicized across the organization. Innovation – like quality – needs to engage everyone and be easily accessible for its full benefits to be realized.

The American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) Innovation Division believes that innovation is critically important for organizational success. The Innovation Division is hosting its 3rd Annual Innovation Division Conference in Charlottesville, September 18-20 2015. The conference will tap a wide range of innovation thought leaders and practice experts to talk about what works well, how success has been generated, and how quality management principles and practices can be applied to the innovation life cycle.

Designed to provide an informative exchange of innovation concepts and knowledge for anyone interested in fostering innovation in their professional setting, the conference will provide ample opportunities for networking and learning. Registration includes:

  • Two notable keynote speakers: Dr John Elder, from Elder Research, Charlottesville, VA, will talk about ‘The Power (and Peril) of Predictive Analytics’ and the use of data analyses to transform business decision-making. Mark Moyer, from the University of Southern Florida’s CAMLS Innovation Center, will explore collaborative models of design and innovation to help move products to market more quickly.
  • Session presentations in three parallel tracks will provide a diverse look at Innovation and Quality, Innovation in Organizations, and Innovation Methodologies. Topics ranging from creativity, to leveraging quality for innovation, to building a culture of innovation will be presented by innovation experts across a broad range of sectors.
  • The half-day workshop “’Smart Creatives’ for Innovation, thus Quality?” on September 20, facilitated by Shizuka Modica, PhD, ACC; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto, Japan. Dr. Modica will facilitate learning about Google’s “Smart Creatives” and how they can apply these innovative practices to their own situations.
  • Tour of the Sigma Lab, Charlottesville High School, an educational space for teaching and learning about innovation and new ideas.
  • Opening reception, hosted by the ASQ Blue Ridge Section, to provide a networking opportunity in a relaxed and fun setting.

For details of the conference program and to register, please visit:

About the Author
Jane Keathley
Author: Jane Keathley
Conference Co-Chair, Treasurer, ASQ Innovation Division
Jane Keathley, MS, PMP develops and supports quality management systems that integrate with innovation management. She has written and spoken frequently about the confluence of Innovation and Quality, including coauthoring The Executive Guide to Innovation-Turning Good Ideas into Great Results. Her professional career spans medical device software development, clinical research, biopharma manufacturing, and diagnostic microbiology.