From the Desk of Tracey Greene, CBIC Executive Director

While it’s safe to assert that nearly every business has been or will be impacted by this pandemic, we know that a large portion of our innovation-based and technology oriented businesses had a head start. Let me explain!

As a tech community, a large portion of our collective workforce is comprised of knowledge-based workers (employed or contracted). Due to the nature of tech work, it is not uncommon for tech-oriented businesses to have at least a partially distributed (remote) workforce authorized to work from home. Transitioning to a virtual environment was not a foreign concept to those businesses. Having cloud-based solutions and cybersecurity protocols in place were advantageous for transitioning non-remote workers when it became necessary. Some just needed to scale their remote operations. 

This is not to say that those in the tech sector did not have challenges! Rather, some of us were a few steps ahead already. As the tech council, we have an opportunity to lead efforts to assist our non-tech businesses and entrepreneurs by sharing best practices regarding remote operations, cybersecurity solutions, and managing distributed teams.  

CBIC will be organizing a series of webinars and publishing blog posts and articles to address these topics. If you are interested in being considered a SME (subject matter expert) for a panel discussion, sponsoring a topic-specific event, authoring a post, or helping to organize these with us, please let us know by completing this short form.  

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Tracey Greene
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Executive Director, Charlottesville Business Innovation Council and Charlottesville Angel Network
Tracey's passion for igniting the Charlottesville area’s entrepreneurial and high-tech community is evident by her extensive volunteer roles over the past 15 years, coupled with her current roles as Executive Director of CBIC and the Charlottesville Angel Network, which she founded in 2015. Tracey has served for more than 25 years in sectors including biotechnology, start-ups, trade association and non-profit management delivering results in a variety of roles –communications, public relations, marketing, legal, fundraising, investor relations, technology training, operations, conference and event management, leadership development, and more. Tracey’s enthusiastic community building stimulates personal and group excellence. She is probably best known as an influential connector who seemingly knows everyone and inspires thoughts into action.