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June is  Racial Equity Month, and how fitting that is. Our business community needs to unite for justice. This is a call to collectively take a stand for civilized norms that go well beyond the basic respect for dignity. We must end centuries of violence against our fellow black Americans and all minorities.

Some may think this is irrelevant to a non-profit council that focuses on technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. But I assure you it is not. Successful startup and tech hub communities have many common ingredients. Being inclusive of anyone who wants to participate is at its core. Diversity breeds innovation.

A vibrant tech and entrepreneurial community requires many things but nothing more important than diversity — diversity of participation, of thought, of skills, of culture. Innovation, at its core, thrives on diversity.

CBIC has long advocated diversity and inclusivity. Following the terrible events in our city on August 11 and 12, 2017, and now amplified again with recent murders, it is more important than ever to speak out. Innovation, diversity, and progress constantly commingle, and, when embraced, can lift up a community to its highest heights. 

It is for this reason that we refuse to accept acts that drive us apart. CBIC calls on our members, our stakeholders, and our readers to take action. For our part, CBIC will:

  • Continue to close identified gaps resulting in more successful companies, more capital turnover, and more growth in the start-up and tech sector. 
  • Continue to be welcoming of anyone new who shows up in the community, either temporarily or permanently. 
  • Continue to advocate and celebrate a robust, sustainable technology-based economy, which requires inclusion and diversity. 

This call encourages you to make your voices heard as well: 

  • Support legislation that ensures accountability.
  • Donate to a community organization solving race inequality.
  • Tackle projects that promote justice.

Be a community that values the best in everyone.

In solidarity, 

Tracey Greene

CBIC Executive Director

Adrian Felts

CBIC Chairman of the Board

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Tracey Greene
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Executive Director, Charlottesville Business Innovation Council and Charlottesville Angel Network
Tracey's passion for igniting the Charlottesville area’s entrepreneurial and high-tech community is evident by her extensive volunteer roles over the past 15 years, coupled with her current roles as Executive Director of CBIC and the Charlottesville Angel Network, which she founded in 2015. Tracey has served for more than 25 years in sectors including biotechnology, start-ups, trade association and non-profit management delivering results in a variety of roles –communications, public relations, marketing, legal, fundraising, investor relations, technology training, operations, conference and event management, leadership development, and more. Tracey’s enthusiastic community building stimulates personal and group excellence. She is probably best known as an influential connector who seemingly knows everyone and inspires thoughts into action.