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Mark your calendars for the next edition of Charlottesville Entrepreneurs & Espresso (Ce2), a free and open event where entrepreneurs, startup founders, and advisors, (and those aspiring to be any of those things) meet to learn from one another. 

Thanks to ‘Rona, we’ve been able to take this event to the Zoomiverse, which expands our reach beyond Charlottesville. Intrigued? RSVP and plan to join us on June 16, at 8 a.m. for our next virtual event! Register here URL: to receive the link to participate. 

If you missed the April and May Ce2 events, you’re in luck! Take an hour, grab your coffee, and pretend you were there! 

For our April event recap, start with our video recording featuring Megan Thomas of Crescent Simples and lessons learned from Chad Rogers of TypeZero. Chad talks jokingly about how he “avoided wealth” a number of times!  

For our May event recap, we have  a podcast produced by Sean Tubbs, founder of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, which features: 

  • Early-Stage Presenter: Craig Pleasants, a world class artist who has sculptures and exhibits across the U.S. and Europe, featured even in the Museum of Modern Art, has taken his decades of experience and designed an octagonal “House Kit” that is eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to assemble. Tune in to hear about this unique startup and the connections he made.
  • Crash and Learn Presenter: Brendan Richardson, a self proclaimed recovering VC who has invested 30 years into entrepreneurs and businesses, and co-founder of PsiKick and now CEO of Astraea, dives into the fascinating history of VC funding in an eye-opening presentation and shares tips for founders and leaders of startups. 

You’ll want to follow along with the pitch deck slides for both of these presenters. Early-Stage Presenter: Craig Pleasants and Crash and Learn Presenter: Brendan Richardson.

ABOUT Ce2: This co-hosted series kicked off in September 2015 and is historically hosted by our friends at the iLab at UVA. Meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each monthCe2 begins and ends with networking over coffee featuring two speakers in between. The first presenter is an early-stage entrepreneur who speaks about their company and then poses a challenge they are facing for the audience to crowdsource ideas and solutions. This gives attendees the opportunity to provide valuable input and insights to a company desiring to grow. The second presenter is a seasoned founder who shares their war stories, or recently coined, “near death experiences,” followed by a Q&A session with attendees. Our “Crash & Learn” speakers share stories that you don’t typically get to hear, which makes it both educational and fascinating!


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