As a public benefit company, our commitment to helping people improve their health and family circumstances is as strong as our commitment to sound business practices. That's why we're proud to have achieved Certified B Corp status.

This certification places MadiDrop PBC in an elite worldwide group of 1,900 Certified B Corporations that are leading a global movement to use business as a force for good.

In Charlottesville, there are a handful of Certified B Corps that are striving to 'live the dream' - balancing sustainable operations with a full commitment to literally 'do well by doing good'. We are proud to join Relay FoodsSavvy Rest and Rivanna Natural Designs as Charlottesville-based Certified B Corporations. B Corps inspire all businesses to be the best for the world. They choose to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability while achieving positive outcomes for stakeholders, not just shareholders.

These are standards that we seek to achieve every day. We’re tackling the global health crisis that is caused by contaminated drinking water. Working with humanitarian, relief and mission-based organizations, we provide a simple technology to address the critical number of waterborne diseases that result from drinking contaminated water. And the MadiDrop (M-Drop) addresses safe water storage, so that drinking water that is stored for extended periods of time remains safe to drink.

Why did we decide to become B Corp certified? We truly believe that safe water is possible for all people everywhere. Our B Corp status serves as our moral compass, ensuring that every decision we make supports healthy families and their quality of life. Scoring an impressive 128/200 (as a comparison, Ben and Jerry’s B Corp score is 101), MadiDrop PBC is poised to leverage its public benefit status to address contaminated drinking water on a global basis. 

In a community where entrepreneurs stand tall, non-profits thrive, start-up companies nurture and are nurtured, and where 'social impact' is a driving force, our Charlottesville Certified B Corps are demonstrating the value of sustainable social enterprises. They are examples of additional, perhaps kinder and gentler, options for making the world a better place.

See MadiDrop PBC’s public Certified B Corp profile.

About the Author
Lianne Landers
Author: Lianne LandersWebsite:
Marketing and Communications, MadiDrop PBC
Lianne is a strong advocate for community and alumni involvement in the development of University technologies and new ventures. For a decade, she worked in U.Va.’s Office of the VP for Research, providing business development guidance to faculty and student entrepreneurs as well as facilitating networks of hundreds of volunteer advisors to support new ventures.
Most recently, she’s brought her enthusiasm for technology commercialization directly to the local start-up community, particularly working in the drug discovery, medical device and transportation industries. At MadiDrop PBC, she is working to bring a safe water technology to communities around the world, helping to solve contaminated drinking water issues.