Can you walk into “fully tested” software and still break it in less than 5 minutes? And in your spare time, do you love playing video games? Come and work with us! This position is located in our Charlottesville, Virginia office. Business is a game, and we want our customers to have as much fun running their businesses with our software as you do playing your video games. In fact, our customers are so passionate about our software that they tell us getting the release notes is like getting a huge gift on Christmas morning. But how horrible is it to get a gift that’s broken?!?!

That’s why we need you to make sure that the software we deliver to delight our customers works flawlessly. Co-construct Most of our clients are small companies in the custom homebuilding and remodeling business. We provide software to help them do that more successfully. Our clients love our products — you can check out what they say here: We are sympathetic straight-shooters, both with how we sell to our prospects and how we support our customers. We will happily recommend that a prospect go sign up with a competitor if we know that he’s not a fit for us. We’d rather pass on a few dollars, but have happy customers who are a perfect fit for what we do. Back in 2004, our Founder Donny Wyatt and his wife had a less-than-stellar experience working with a custom home builder. By the end, they had a new home, but they were exhausted. When he asked around, he realized that everyone had the same story he did. And guess what? His builder felt the same way, even though they all liked each other on a personal level, the process — and not the people — was the culprit. He thought surely someone had figured out a better way to handle customer selections, change orders, budgets, schedules, communication and everything else that happens in the building process — but no one had. So he built a prototype system, and that was the seed of the service we provide today. In fact, our customers shape a lot of what we do. We actually understand what it’s like to not only be our customers, but to be our customers’ customers — because that’s what spawned the idea for Co-construct in the very beginning. The employees in our business also have industry experience, so they really understand the lives our customers lead as custom home builders and remodelers. That’s why we’re the #1 highest rated system in our space — and we’re not going to let someone else capture that title. About you You have… •A knack for spotting problems •Experience in software testing •Experience testing on web and mobile apps •Tested for validation (“we built the right thing”) and verification (“we built it right”) •Working knowledge of Windows and Mac OSs, all major web browsers, and iOS and Android mobile devices •Tested through the eyes of a user to check, even if a test passes, that the feature accomplishes the user’s goal •Gone beyond your test plan when you see something that looks odd, to then understand why it behaved that way, and to see if a problem exists •Not just documented bugs, but looked to see what else you could do to help speed the resolution of the issue •Identified what you could do to prevent the same issues from arising again •Had to break the news to a developer (or a customer) about something that didn’t work, and did it in an honest, straightfoward, and sympathetic way •Ideally worked on a team using agile principles If you exist, read on! The job You, along with others on the test team, will be responsible for making sure not a single bug makes it through to our customers (we know that might not be realistic, but it’s always what we’re aiming for). You’ll play an essential role in expanding the features of Co-construct by identifying problems and making sure we quickly address any issues that come up in production. Here’s what you’ll be doing in the job: •Testing against acceptance criteria on cards within the current sprint •Testing on multiple browsers and platforms •Clearly documenting issues for the developers •Create your own tests for validating boundary cases •Try to break things •Write and execute regression test plans •Provide status updates via our online tools and in team scrum meetings •Assist developers and technical support representatives in recreating production issues Expected Outcomes There are eight specific outcomes we expect you to achieve in your first 60 days on the job: Short term (30 days) 1.Able to test 75% of cards in the sprint 2.Able to execute 100% of existing regression test plan scripts 3.Find 75% of bugs in your assigned user stories Medium term (60 days) 1.Able to test 90% of cards in sprint 2.Able to write new regression test plan scripts 3.Finds 95% of bugs in your assigned user stories 4.Identify bugs from self-directed edge case testing 5.Able to write queries in Jira for querying issues What it’s like working here You might expect an established (over 10 years old) software company to be slow to roll out new features and to have a pile of requests from customers who never really expect to see their suggestions turn into reality. Not at Co-construct. Sure, we’ve got a long list of requests from clients, but we’re regularly rolling out new features, usually on a monthly basis. In fact, we get most of our requests right after a release since our customers realize, “Hey! These guys are actually responsive!” We have plenty of unique features. There are also some important features that we don’t have, and need to add ASAP. Yet, we still have record growth and customers defecting from competitors. Why? It’s because the features we do have look and work so much better. When we do something new, we do it right, so it actually works for our users. It’s not just smoke and mirrors for fooling a prospect in a sales demo. We are a growing company with lots of opportunity — rated by Inc. Magazine as the 515th fastest growing privately held company in the US in 2014 and again in 2015 as #1027. We’re constantly surprising ourselves with the great things our team is doing — and there’s still a lot of stuff that could be better. “I’ve never worked at a company like this before.” That’s what you’ll hear our team members say, since it’s an extraordinary group of committed people who are constantly shocking our prospect and customers – in a good way. We are the #1 highest rated system in our space and the second largest by customer count (and closing the gap quickly). Having you on board is key to propelling us to #1 across the board. You will not be lost for the impact you have here. You will know what a big difference you will make for our customers and your teammates. With your help, we’ll not only have better functioning features than our competitors, but we’ll have more of them, too. We let our personalities shine through so that our customers love not just what we sell, but who we are. This position will be based in our Charlottesville office. There will be a few regular trips for team meetings and professional development training. Status Full time, exempt Benefits •Salary of $48,000-$55,000, based on your skills and experience •Retirement plan with employer match •Employer covers 100% of health care and dental premiums •Paid vacation and sick time •Paid holidays •Employer-paid training for relevant skills •Spend your days doing exciting work in a rapidly growing company Timeline to Fill Position As soon as possible Next Steps If you’re interested, click here to apply: