We are seeking an experienced Computer Systems Technology and Computer Science teacher with strong understanding of pedagogy and instructional practices for 9th-12th grade.  Our ideal candidate will be able to convey an enthusiasm for connecting learning to real life application for a large spectrum of students.

Knowledge of fundamentals of computing including problem-solving, working with data, understanding the Internet, cyber security, and programming.  Extensive and deep knowledge of computer science instruction.  Knowledge of programming language(s), and the ability to communicate complex information through scaffolding and hands-on activities.  The ability to question and properly diagnose computer software and hardware related issues, and effectively communicate ways to set up or repair computer equipment and related devices.  The candidate should be able to help students develop customer service skills that would allow them to interact with clients to ask appropriate questions to properly diagnose software and hardware concerns.

Primary Location: Charlottesville High School

Salary Range: $44,825.00 - $59,724.00 / Per Year

Shift Type: Full-Time


Deb Cook

Asst. Principal