Hoos Internship Accelerator is a summer internship program that aims to connect 500 rising third- and fourth-year students with paid, virtual, 4–8 week (20-25 hours per week) internship experiences with start-ups and alumni-powered businesses.

While we encourage employers to provide paid internships, we understand that with many start-ups this is not always possible. If you a need and have a role that would serve a student well this summer, please complete this form to be considered for special funding supporting student interns in local Start-ups.  

This cross-Grounds initiative is supported by the UVA Career Center, Student Affairs, and Alumni Association, and especially targets first-generation and low-socioeconomic students who may need additional support. Students range across a wide-variety academic backgrounds. 

Summer internship postings dropped to historic lows in 2020, and this year’s opportunities are similarly scarce. Without internships, our students lack access to the work experience, skill development, and professional mentoring necessary to launch successful careers. The classes of 2022 and 2023 have already weathered one summer lost to the pandemic—we must do all we can to forestall a second.  The time is now to turn the tide for our fellow Hoos.