Who We Are

CBIC is a non-profit organization with the mission to educate, advocate and celebrate our region’s tech and innovation-based ecosystem. We are supported by membership dues, program revenues and contributions from sponsors, partners, and members. CBIC brings together the business, technology, entrepreneurial, government and educational communities focused on innovation-based and STEM activities in our region.

Together with its contracted executive director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a large, dedicated team of enthusiastic member volunteers comprise about 10 committees and working groups, and will produce more than 30 programs this fiscal year. Collectively through CBIC’s monthly TechOnTap and Ce2 events, quarterly Tech Night Takeovers, annual holiday party, Tech Tour and Awards Gala, we will attract and gather more than 2,600 participants in the 2015-16 fiscal year. This record attendance is augmented by those we engage through our sponsored and partnered events such as Tom Tom Founders Festival events, cvilleTEDx, job fairs, conferences, meetups, and other similar and supportive programs with like minded groups.

CBIC reaches out, actively and purposefully, to an audience of professionals in our region. We are out in front, and our initiatives span many tech-centric industries. The thread that joins us in common is an interest in and recognition of the value of a tech and innovation-based economy, which has the power to connect us – as people, as businesses, and as organizations – and to improve economic prosperity for many.

Why Support CBIC?

CBIC forges connections among members and organizations by way of shared resources, communications, educational programs, and our legendary networking events. CBIC is the best way to gain visibility for yourself and your business to a tech-centric audience of curious and intelligent professionals. CBIC also gives back to the community, which associates your brand with STEM education and philanthropy, while at the same time promoting your company’s agenda. Our legislative advocacy at the local and state levels makes credible the value of technology to our elected leaders. In short, we get things done using the tools of technology, showcasing them for the community, and keeping our members up to speed with cutting-edge developments.

Sponsorship: Commitment > Connection < Visibility

Partnering with CBIC increases your visibility in the technology community. It’s about making connections and making more of these relationships possible. With connections and visibility comes authority, a trait that makes CBIC members a “source bureau,” which generates regular referrals to the media for commentary and positive publicity.

CBIC provides high-quality, professional programs and events that gain its sponsors a forum to not only explain what they do but to demonstrate their expertise. CBIC can be an invaluable partner in building awareness for your company or organization.  

We invite your company to become more than a Sponsor, to become a Partner of the Council. Being a partner is a heightened form of sponsorship that gives your organization sustained visibility in the technology community, and a deeper connection to other members of CBIC events throughout the year.

Participation is available at many levels and includes membership for your organization:

Annual Partner Benefits:

  • Membership for your organization during your term as an Annual Partner (valued up to $425 annually)
  • Your logo, hyperlinked, on CBIC’s “Annual Partners” portion of CBIC’s website.
  • Visibility in CBIC’s recurring event series (see below; excludes CBIC Awards Gala and Tech Tour)
  • Your logo and hyperlink to website, when feasible, including CBIC e-communiqués and social media
    • CBIC publishes a bi-monthly or more e-newsletter featuring both pre and post event promotions. 
    • Each edition of CBIC's e-newsletter is distributed to a growing list of more than 3,000 contacts. 
    • CBIC actively utilizes its website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote its event  
  • Recognition from podium during events at which the host speaks to attendees 
  • Opportunity to display your banner/ materials (if desired and if feasible, always space dependent) 
  • Up to 10 tickets to attend recurring events.

Please consider becoming a partner of CBIC to maximize your exposure to a like-minded community, and keep you, your company, and your network abreast of cutting-edge developments in the technology sector.

CBIC's Recurring Event Series:

  • #CvilleTechOnTap, a monthly series of happy hours held every 2nd Tuesday from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Become an Annual Partner: Be an annual partner, which provides underwriting support for all of CBIC’s above events and much more!

For more information on annual partnerships, to become a sponsor, or to inquire about CBIC’s additional underwriting opportunities through its annual Awards Gala, Tech Tour, e-Newsletter, Jobs Board or more, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CBIC’s Executive Director at (434) 242-5886.