Students, teachers, local companies, and community members - they all came together on Tuesday, October 8th, for an amazing day of celebrating the wide variety of tech-y opportunities available in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.

WHAT is Tech Tour?

The CBIC Tech Tour is an annual local event to introduce area middle and high school students to the dynamic high technology world that exists in the Charlottesville/Albemarle County metro region.

Students representing more than 20 regional schools will spend the day traveling to over 50 selected companies

  • for hands-on visits
  • to meet employees
  • and experience the use of technology in unique and specialized operations.

WHEN is Tech Tour?

Mark your calendars for early October 2020!

WHO is Tech Tour for?

Tech Tour is for...

  • STUDENTS - explore how what you are learning in school connects to what is happening around you every day
  • TEACHERS - give your students the real-world experiences that they long to see
  • TOUR GUIDES - connect with your community and schools and be a positive role model
  • BUSINESSES - share what you are doing at your company with the future leaders of our community

WHERE is Tech Tour?

The students begin at Piedmont Virginia Community College, where they are introduced to the many Tech opportunities that the Charlottesville region offers them.  Then, they board their buses and travel to the businesses, where they can see first-hand what is possible as they consider what career they want to pursue.

WHY is Tech Tour important?

This technology tour exposes students to the challenging and diverse career possibilities offered by our regional technology community. The tour is designed to help them envision themselves as technology employees, professionals and entrepreneurs in the next wave of tech advancements in our area.

"Participating in the CBIC Tech Tour has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had in high school. Charlottesville appears to be a small city, but it is full of businesses using and developing new forms of technology.

Taking part in the CBIC Tech Tour has given me the opportunity to witness the future of technology and business in my local community, a future that I will soon become a part of.” - Tech Tour student

We have an outstanding group of sponsors every year, representing organizations that understand the importance of STEM education to building the technology workforce.  A complete list of participating companies can be found on our interactive Tech Tour Map:



created by Alleyway Consulting, LLC 

If you would like to get involved with the 2020 Tech Tour or need more information about this event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..