Here is your Tech Tour Committee. Let us know if you want to be a part of this amazing team!


  • Lily Garcia Walton

Company Recruitment:

  • Jerry Reynolds (Team Lead)

  • Corey Collinson

  • Chris Florez

  • Abby Gillespie

  • Johnny Martin

  • Kim Wilken

Tour Guide Recruitment:

  • Corey Collinson

Sponsor Liaison:

  • Corey Collinson

School Liaison:

  • Stephanie Passman - Albemarle County Schools (Team Lead)

  • Anne Ernst and Christy Scott - CCS 

  • Gwen Cassady - Surrounding counties and private schools

Opening Program at PVCC:

  • Gigi Davis (Team Lead)

  • Katie Thach

  • Eric Bredder

Marketing and Communications (Marcom):

  • Jon Moriarty (Co-Lead)

  • Leslie Copley (Co-Lead)

  • Jerry Reynolds - Website, Photo & Video

  • Gwen Cassady - Day of event onsite media management